At Zata India, we strive for perfection, making our primary goal not only to meet the expectations of our clients but to exceed them.


At Zata India, we aim to bring 100% satisfaction when it comes to air conditioning installation. We exceedingly answer all our customers’ needs, and tender our air conditioning services to all clients.

We will help you choose the most energy efficient system, therefor ensuring you have the ideal system to suit you home.


Zata India guarantee 12 months for all installation work carried out, knowing that in a unlikely situation some thing were to go wrong, we would be there to repair the problem.


Zata India are now offering lifetime workmanship warranty on all their products. With 10 years combined industry experience and our quality workmanship, we are 100% committed you for the life of the unit. We want to give you that peace of mind and we have just the right team to make that happen. 


you have to do is get a split or ducted system supplied and installed by us, and get us to service it once a year.. THATS IT!!! Its really that simple.

  • 24 hour turnaround quote
  • 100% Satisfaction
  • Quality Installation
  • No hidden cost
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