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Keeping your cool has a lot to do with having the right air conditioning system at home. And we have just the solutions for you. At ZATA INDIA , get your hands on great brands at great prices. Choose from one of our ducted systems air conditioning and enjoy whole-house comfort all through the year. With the best brands available and in stock, it is easy to choose a ducted systems air conditioning that works for you and fits your budget.


Concealed Installation

Total comfort throughout every room

Wall Controller

Choice of outles

Ducted Systems Air Conditioning

Today, homeowners everywhere focus on making their office/ home spaces more comfortable and many are opting for cheap ducted air conditioning. These types of systems provide a climate- controlled environment right through your home. They are especially designed to cool all the different areas in your home/ Office, in a seamless manner.

Inverter-based system

One more important feature of this system is that it is inverter-based; it consistently adjusts the heating as well as the cooling output, based on the current temperature in each room. Once the desired temperature has been reached, the system ensures that the temperature is maintained at that point. When you have such advanced AC technology on your property, you want to be assured that it works at optimum levels and that it gives you years of trouble-free service.

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